This March 24, we hope you join us in celebrating Whistleblower Awareness Day!

On Whistleblower Awareness Day, participating organizations across the country will raise awareness of the important role whistleblowers play in strengthening the integrity of public institutions. This initiative acknowledges the courage of public sector employees who choose to speak up and tell the truth about what they believe to be wrongdoing, despite potential risks and consequences.

Why is Whistleblower Awareness Day Important?

Whistleblowers speak up often guided by a desire to do the right thing when faced with fraud, corruption, or other harmful activity occurring in a public sector workplace. Without adequate protection, whistleblowers may face retaliation such as dismissal, demotion, reprimand, or other forms of punishment for speaking out.

The aim of Whistleblower Awareness Day is to highlight whistleblowers’ courage and to encourage public institutions in using the necessary means to protect the identity of people who disclose information or participate in public interest investigations.

How Can Public Entities Get Involved?

  • Recognize Whistleblower Awareness Day through your organization’s social media or website channels.
  • Promote Whistleblower Awareness Day with this year’s graphic.
  • Issue a public message in support of whistleblower protection.
  • Remind employees about their whistleblower protection rights and how your organization safeguards the disclosure process.

“Every day, organizations across Canada are working to achieve greater integrity in public institutions. Whistleblower Awareness Day is a way to share an appreciation for the challenges whistleblowers may face when they speak out about wrongdoing in the workplace. In promoting initiatives like this, we also remind public entities to remain diligent in safeguarding whistleblower protection rights for a more transparent and accountable public service.”

Kevin Brezinski, Alberta’s Public Interest Commissioner


These graphics are available for organizations wishing to recognize Whistleblower Awareness Day / Journée des lanceurs d’alerte 2023. You are welcome to use them as you see here and / or add your organization’s logo to the image.

Whistleblower Awareness Day 2023 – with logo (English)

Whistleblower Awareness Day 2023 – without logo (English)

Journée des lanceurs d’alerte 2023 – avec logo (Français)

Journée des lanceurs d’alerte 2023 – sans logo (Français)