Communicating about the Act can be challenging.  We can help…

Chief Officers are required to ensure that information about the Act and their internal whistleblower procedures established under Section 5 are widely communicated to their employees. [Section 6, Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act]

The office of the Public Interest Commissioner is a resource to assist Chief Officers with meeting these statutory requirements.  Our office can assist public entities as they develop and amend internal procedures and can assist with awareness initiatives by providing resources and information sessions to employees and management.   Our office has also developed several tools and resources to assist public entities including:

  • A guideline for amending procedures to conform to the legislative amendments
  • A checklist to ensure all requirements of the Act are included within the internal procedures
  • A generic PowerPoint presentation which public entities can customize and use to assist in their internal employee awareness initiatives
  • A general booklet to help employees understand our office’s role and the purpose of the Act

We encourage public entities to contact our office to discuss how we can assist their organization.