Join us in celebrating Journée des lanceurs d’alerte / Whistleblower Awareness Day on March 24, 2022.

“Last year, public integrity offices across Canada recognized Whistleblower Awareness Day for the first time. By continuing to recognize this national initiative, we highlight the important role whistleblowers play in our society. Further, it reminds public entities under Alberta’s whistleblower protection act to carefully safeguard whistleblower identity and ensure confidentiality throughout the disclosure process.”

Marianne Ryan, Alberta’s Public Interest Commissioner


What is Whistleblower Awareness Day?

Whistleblower Awareness Day is a nationally recognized effort to highlight the important role whistleblowers play in strengthening the integrity of public institutions.

Organizations in various Canadian provinces working to achieve greater integrity in public services will recognize the day to raise awareness of the important role whistleblowers play in our society.


Why is Whistleblower Awareness Day Important?

The aim of Whistleblower Awareness Day is to highlight whistleblowers’ courage and to encourage public institutions that they must use all necessary means to protect the identity of the people who disclose information of public interest or who cooperate in the investigations stemming from disclosures.


What do Chief and Designated Officers need to know about Whistleblower Awareness Day?

An effective public service depends on the commitment of everyone working within it to maintain the highest possible standards of honesty, openness, and accountability. The Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act creates a safe avenue for public servants to speak about wrongdoings or make complaints of reprisal.

The Public Interest Commissioner is asking public entities in Alberta to show solidarity with her office and other public integrity offices across Canada in acknowledging Whistleblower Awareness Day. By doing so, we acknowledge the courage of those who stand up against wrongdoing and recognize public entities who take seriously whistleblower protection rights.


How Can Public Entities Get Involved?

  1. Recognize Whistleblower Awareness Day on your organization’s website or social media pages
  2. Utilize this year’s Whistleblower Awareness Day graphic demonstrating your organization’s support
  3. Issue a public message in support of whistleblower protection
  4. Remind employees how your organization safeguards whistleblower protection rights under the Act

The Whistleblower Awareness Day graphic without logo can be accessed here.

To access a French version, please visit us here.