Alberta’s Public Interest Commissioner has ordered an investigation related to an allegation raised publicly regarding Alberta Health Services’ procurement of computers.

“Our aim is to ensure Albertans are confident public institutions deal with allegations of wrongdoing appropriately,” said Peter Hourihan, the Public Interest Commissioner. “We have assigned an investigator to look into allegations raised recently regarding the procurement of computers by AHS. Our investigation will determine whether a wrongdoing was committed, and whether the allegations were handled appropriately by AHS.”

The matter was referred to the Public Interest Commissioner by Alberta’s Auditor General.

Under the Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act, wrongdoing is defined as: an illegal act; an act or omission that creates an imminent risk to the health and safety of individuals; a specific threat to the environment; gross mismanagement of public funds or a public asset; or knowingly directing or counseling an individual to commit a wrongdoing.

The Commissioner can investigate provincial departments, offices of the legislature, and public entities including: agencies, boards, commissions and Crown corporations with employees; public sector health organizations (including AHS); post-secondary institutions; school boards; charter schools; and accredited private schools that receive public funding.


Media inquiries:

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Communications Manager
Public Interest Commissioner
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